Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3 of Summer CHA

So many pretty things coming this season.  Where to begin...  how about the hot trends?  OK, hot trends it is. 

Flowers, not just ready made flowers (which were in abundance and we ordered some wonderful assortments), but handmade flowers from paper, tulle, ribbon.  Flowers made by twirling paper, folding ribbon, die cutting paper and/or fabric, punched and assembled  3D flowers.  Flowers were everywhere. 

And die cut paper.  Now I know die cut paper has been growing and available before, but they are all over the place now.  Hardly any collection of paper did not offer a coordinating die cut paper of some sort and in new sizes! 

There were lots of collections of Christmas papers in very non-tradional colors.  We did pick out a couple of these, but I am guessing most of our folks want the traditional Christmas-y greens and reds and before we went to CHA, I was beginning to be afraid we wouldn't find much traditional Christmas.  But never fear, if traditional is your thing---we found it!! 

The next biggest trend we saw in lots of the layouts at the show was the use of ribbon, fabric trims and buttons.  Pretty pleated ribbons, antique looking crocheted trims, cut velvet, and satin cording.  Antique looking buttons in browns and metals and mother of pearl (or that looks like it anyway).  um, um, um yummy stuff. 

I just can't wait to show off all of our finds.  Arrivals will be staggered, so we can begin seeing things in the next two weeks and they will be arriving all through August, September and October.  

But you are probably waiting to see more photos of the samples we saw, huh?  All right, here you go. 

Tim Holtz stuff, always great and always presented so stylishly. 

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  1. Hello Cheryl! I see your blog is a lot like mine. I have not posted in awhile either. I need to. Love your desk there and the Vitage things to go with it. Hugs, Francine