Monday, May 10, 2010

Scrapathon is coming...

I've been working on an album for a customer that has consumed all of my free time the past couple of weeks.  Today hopefully I will complete that and things will return to "normal" whatever that is!  I have so many things popping about in my head to work on I simply must finish this project today so I can move on! 

Scrapathon is coming up so fast!  This coming Saturday is THE day!  I have things packed up, although I will probably change out some of my page planners since the arrival of baby Isabella.  So if you are one of the 145 participants signed up for Scrapathon, get busy!  Get those page planners filled and pack up your favorite tools to make the most of your day with us. 

Other than that I am wanting to cover a bunch of containers with paint and paper for some pretty storage in my studio.  Pale blue, brown, taupe and antique-y white are my colors I think. 

This is a paper mache purse that I think will nicely hold opened packs of embellishments.  And I love the soft blues combined with the browns.  I refinished a large picture frame; whitewashed it really and then did a couple of small shelves.  So I am making progress.  Still need to paint the room, but that I will wait a while on since I will have to pull stuff away from a wall and paint the room one wall at a time.  But I think the paint needs to be a soft, soft blue.  Storage cubes are white... and more papered boxes and storage containers need to be created like this one.  And so on and so on.... 

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