Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting with Smooch Inks

I said I would post some more of the Power Pages, so here's another one.  What we focused on here was using Smooch inks to add color to the punched butterflies. 

The Smooch ink colors are very intense, so if you want a softer blue, for example, you need to paint on the white Smooch pretty liberally and add in just a tiny touch of the blue.  Once the color is on, I use my fingers to kind of tap and pat the white and the color together.  (Nothing like using the tools God gives you!) 

This close up shows the butterflies a little better (maybe).  Some tiny dots of Platinum Stickles finishes off the butterflies very simply.  The soft pastel look is not my normal color pallette, but is nice to show this technique.  In addition to the two 4x6 photo mats provided with the page, there is plenty of room for adding a journaling box, a title and a small unmatted cropped photo (maybe two is they are cropped very small). 

Today I am starting the purging and cleaning up in my studio.  I hesitate to do this, but I'll take a before, during and after photos of the room.  Hopefully there is a marked improvement...

Right now my furry children (my three dogs--really do not have furry human kids) are calling me to take them outside... 


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