Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a Tiny Bit Obsessed...

I scanned a couple more of the cards I have been putting together from paper, sticker, rubon and ribbon leftovers. I love leftovers!

Most of these cards are a few strips of patterned paper, a strip of ribbon or a rubon (or two or three or four) and maybe a flower. But they are turning out very sweet and I have to say I am having so much fun digging through my treasure box of scraps and leftovers. I am becoming a tiny bit obsessed with this!

Now that's not to say I am advocating not shopping at your favorite LSS! We all want our favorite stores to be prosperous and be there for us for years to come, right?! But it is important that we all take fiscal responsibility for ourselves, for our future, for our families. I am much more apt to purchase punches and dies for my Sizzix than tons of stickers. I would rather spend my money on tools that I can use over and over again. And paper... I must say I do love paper!

I guess the real point is to make good use of the items and supplies that are purchased. Use them up, host a for trade and barter group, or donate those items that are no longer needed to local schools.

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