Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thinking Ahead

Yeah, yeah, so I just get done yapping about how I am clinging to summer and now I am starting to design this year's Christmas card. Can you say a little Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde?

This is where I am at with my card design... not finished yet. I may have to adapt it according to how many white flourish rub-ons I have at hand and IF I receive the Joy of Christmas cricut cartridge. The mock-up card shown here is done with some glittery stickers that I peeled the silver bottom layer off of. First of all I do not want to purchase 8 set of these stickers and then have to peel them apart to use. So the plan is to cut the snowflakes out with the cricut and layer them, then add stickles glitter glue (boy I love that stuff). I need to find a small greeting for the outside of the card I think, but I have the verse for the inside.

So that's it. I just thought it was kind of funny how much I was prattling on about summer days and then tonight I am totally focused on designing my Christmas card (she says, still giggling to self).


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