Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Curiously Thankful

I've been creating things... but for the past year or so, I have stayed away from many artful endeavors and concentrated on classes and projects for the general scrap booking and card making public. And while I strongly want to underscore that there is nothing wrong with the simplicity of easy to assemble scrapbook pages or greeting cards, I am now feeling the pull back to my paints and stains, many layered papers, old books and rusted pieces of what-not. I am feeling my creative self start to stir again.

I stayed away from making art, I think because I was feeling used. A bit beaten up. We all get that way, don't we? On top of everything, my physical self was uncooperative, at best. That coupled with my disappointment in people---well it drove out any urge to be truly creative.

Now with that little creative muse of mine tickling my hands and my heart, I choose not to dwell on those that seek to benefit from others' efforts, or those sad individuals who exclaim their jubilant righteousness in order to hide their own shortcomings, and my personal favorite--those that offer exclamations of purported kindness and praise thoroughly laced with only slightly subliminal criticism. I am instead curiously thankful for the wisdom gained by these experiences.

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