Sunday, September 13, 2009

Retail Work vs Artwork

I feel that I need to clarify a bit about projects I create for scrapbook classes and those that I am creating in more of an artistic vein. There is a certain simplistic nature about the classes designed for store use. I in no way intend to demean these projects by calling them simple. Choosing the right photo, the right color, the right placement for these items on a page is an art. I find great joy in teaching those that feel they are not creative or those that are just starting out. I think being able to express yourself creatively is truly wonderful and if I can help someone else to be creative, I am filled with satisfaction. It is being able to be creative and view things creatively that has carried me through some difficult times. Sharing this is what I live for.

This being said, it is a very different process to create scrapbook pages or cards or what-have-you in an easy, 1,2,3 with an eye to teaching it for retail purposes.

Using the term artwork for my intents and purposes, refers to pieces that I am working on just for the sake of creating. These pieces are created without thought to how many steps there are involved in the process or the saleability of the products and materials I am working with. These pieces are created solely for the purpose of expression and exploring techniques. I've said this many times before, "Sometimes I make art, sometimes I have a happy accident (through experimenting), and sometimes, I just make a mess!!"

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