Tuesday, May 9, 2017

After All the INSD Activity...

On-line crops, sales site(s) specials, you tube videos, and if you are lucky--a real physical crop!  I started on Friday, attempting (valiantly, if not successfully) to prep for an on-line crop.  Saturday morning logged in to one of my favorite FB groups and snooped about to get the gist of where to post pics, lists, when challenges would be released etc.  After that it was a flurry of paper scraps tossed on the floor, missing flair badges (still haven't turned those up, darn it), the camera battery needing recharging, and message after message just spinning by on my computer. 

So did a accomplish anything?  I mean besides needing a large glass of wine in the late hours of the evening.  Yeah!  Unlike my usual format of showing a page and then close ups of various components, I'm just going to post pages and a light description.

One More Time Challenge (using up older supplies, collections, kits or unfinished projects)... This has to be one of my all time favorite Basic Grey paper collections.  I only have pieces and strips of this and I intend to use each and every luscious piece! 

Even after purging at least half, if not more, of my papers and supplies before we moved, I still have a healthy stash of older things to work with.  So I did another entry for this same challenge!  This time I concentrated on using strips and smaller cuts of papers, not from any particular collection, just stuff that was stuck in one of my page planners from prior pages. 

And this one was a Scrap-lift Yourself Challenge...  as you can see looking at the previous layout and then down to the next one, I kind of like this little formula!  Photo on the left, title block to the immediate right, and thin coordinating strips at the top and bottom of the page.  

This next one was a Pick Your Favorite Holiday or Occasion Challenge and Christmas pages are one of my favorite things to scrap...love the colors, the kids faces, sparkly good things like ornaments, and yummies to eat.  . 

Since this post will get pretty photo heavy, I will post more pages/challenges again later.  But, the question is, would I do an online crop again?  Yes, in a heartbeat.  Would I rather attend a real, physical crop?  Well, of course.  But that's probably not going to happen down here where I live now, so online is my best bet.  And it does get me moving, I got some pages done and the challenges had me digging through some of my older photos to fulfill the specifics for the challenges, and lists of materials to use forced me into re-thinking some of my tools, and using up some of those older products! 

More next time about on-line crops and more pages I got done from this INSD!


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