Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Challenges of Creating Boy Pages -- A College Boy Layout

The first of my blathering(s) on creating pages for the guys... big and little guys!!  My grandson was off to his first year of college here.  (Nana cried---how could he possibly be old enough for college --- he was like just six yesterday, right?!  LOL) 

Taking color cues from his shirt, I added several colors of blue water colors in a somewhat vertical line, broadening the watercolor out toward the bottom of the page. Once that was dry, some black stamping ink was applied through a piece of mesh and then some splattering with black and blue paints were added.  The whole page got trimmed down and centered onto a piece of black cardstock. 

A torn piece of patterned paper and a piece of corrugated paper back the photo.

Acetate die cuts got tucked in at the bottom of the layered photo, as well as the ampersand at the left side and some gold acetate stars sprinkled down from the top of the page to help in directing the eye to the photo.  

And the last thing was to put the title in place at the right side of the photo, oh yeah.  (Well, almost the last thing---I did add journaling---after I had hurriedly taken photos of my page!!!  I always take photos of my pages outside for the light, but had to get this accomplished before it started raining here.) 

Only three pieces of paper (beside the watercolor paper and the black cardstock) were used on the actual layout.  It was watercolor and stamping ink used as layers, rather than layers of paper.  The embellishments taken individually could be construed as feminine due to the gold, but here added on top of color and texture, they take on a more masculine feel.

Using watercolors and texture----just one way to create that "guy" page.  Oh, yeah...

later all!

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