Saturday, September 10, 2016

How to Use Old(er) Supplies In an Updated Way! - Crashing the Stash

It's time for another episode of:     Crash Your Stash! 

Today I want to address using older supplies in what some might call an updated fashion.  Now I did have to really think about what there was about this page that made it "updated."  It sure wasn't any of the supplies I used...there was nothing newer mixed in with the old.  It was all old(er) stuff.  (And once again note, this is the stuff that I had previously packed in a page planner; it did not all wind up on the page.)

There is old Scenic Route, old My Mind's Eye, Basic Grey, and Echo Park papers.  A well used and older Thickers alpha set, and those little wood veneer stars (a classic, but certainly not new). 

The page layout is a tried and true one (3/4 of one print, 1/4 of another with a strip of another coordinating print in between.  Nothing so new or updated about that, right? 

It's the circle design.  The circle has come, well, full circle!  Way, way back in scrappy design, lots of folks cut photos into circles; then a few years later, the circle came back big time with the use of pre-cut, shaped papers. 

Now the use of a circle in page layouts has become popular again by way of adding it more subtly as a background design.  It might appear stitched, or by gluing small cuts of papers placed in a large circle, or even painted. 

My first attempt at making the circle pattern with the little wood veneer stars was a big old flop.  It ended up looking rather egg shaped, rather than circular.  So I picked it all apart and started over, this time using one of the oldest tools around, a pencil and a string.  Yup, I tied a small piece of string onto the pencil, held the string at where I perceived the center point of the circle should be and lightly drew the circle shape onto the gold paper. 

Once the pencil line was there to guide me, I added the title, then erased pencil marks there.  Next came gluing on the stars and once those were firmly in place, I erased more of the pencil line.  It's still not a perfect circle.  But it ain't egg-shaped anymore!  There is no way I, personally, have the patience to divide the circle up to determine where the center point for the title should go exactly.  Um, no, not me. 

This accomplished what I wanted; it added a circular background element, I used up some more of my older products, and got another Route 66 photo/page done. 

It's perfectly, imperfect.  I'm good with that! 


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