Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to Pick a Kit Club; the research continues

Since starting my little study on picking out a kit club, I am learning loads about my personal preferences and shopping preferences.  Like, feminine versus masculine paper and embellishment designs (I actually find it easier to work with more masculine or generic patterns rather than floral no matter how pretty I find the pattern to be)! ...

Now I have a granddaughter to scrap for and she LOVES pink, so some feminine pinks are a must, but I don't need entire kits (or kit club) devoted to girl-ish goodies.  I need a balance.  And I have found that Gossamer Blue provides a happy mix.  Now that being said, I have only been working with one kit from them...I'll be ordering another soon (goodie-goodie!). 

This is my latest page from the Gossamer Blue kit.  And it's from pretty much the tail end of the supplies I received.  I did a total of 9 pages with the kit and wished I could have kept going.  Now that, to me, is the sign of a good kit!  I even screwed up a big piece of one of the papers smearing gesso all over it and trying to use it as a background...trust me it was a hot mess!!! But I still was able to get 9 pages done...9!  Woo-Hoo!  (She says trying to high-five herself--ok that's never gonna get photographed!) 

So far, I am gobb-smacked with Gossamer Blue.  My only criticism would be that they have a very quiet FB group.  I feel a bit pushy, posting my pages there.  Not a lot of chatter.  I mean I've received very kind remarks and all, there just aren't many others posting pages.  And I like to have a spot to chat it up with other scrapping fiends (um, I mean friends).  So, we'll see.  I can't make that my over-riding decision buster.  But on to the layout...

I added a bit of vellum, but everything else is from the kit.   I even used a piece of packaging (that small piece of light gold diagonal stripe).  Could have done a little ink splattering, but decided to keep it very clean and went without. 

It's a simple page design, sure.  But every page I put in the kids' or my own  albums are not show stoppers.  Nor, do they need to be.  In fact, I don't think each page in any album should be over-the-top.  Wouldn't that get tiresome to look at after a while? 

Just can't wait to get my next Gossamer Blue kit, and I've already ordered my first kit from Scrapbook Circle, so I'll have some more comparisons coming soon!

Lesson #1 in picking a kit club?  Pick what you are going to work with, not just one that carries pretty stuff.  If you aren't going to have a use for it...regardless how pretty it is, what's the point?


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