Sunday, July 24, 2016

Choosing a Kit Club

Ha, Ha!  I've been scrapping again!!! 

Lately I've been trying out scrapbook kit clubs.  Like everything else there is no one perfect club to join.  It all depends on you.  What do you want from a club?

For me, I am looking for a taste of the new products and supplies on the market.  There are no scrapbooking stores in my area.  Zip, nada, niet, not one.  Not even in the bigger city of Lexington (an hour away).  There is a Hobby Lobby (thank heaven) about 20 minutes away and a Michael's a bit further than that. 

So besides a bit of new product, for me I want a good mix of feminine and masculine papers.  Not every month's selection are going to appeal to me, but some clubs are decidedly more feminine than others. 

And I want a mix of embellishments.  I'm not typically a big sticker person, but I do like enamel dots and wood veneer and such.

I also do not really need a big selection of cardstock in my kits.  I have plenty in my stash. 

Of course, price is always a consideration too! 

So there you have it.... 

I am currently giving Scraptastic and Studio Calico a whirl and there are a couple more clubs out there that I would at least like to try. 

The above page is form a Studio Calico kit, the Scout kit (which I think was the June kit), while the page below is from a Scraptastic kit, Wipeout (also their June offering). 

I did have to add some things from my stash (title alpha on the Everything is Bigger in Texas page), plus the enamel dots, the chipboard heart (old, old Making Memories) and the black and white print layer under the photo, as well as the vellum layer.  I did some outlining, roughed up the edges of the paper and that was about it! 

I have a couple more pages to post from this kit, but I made 4-5 pages and struggled a bit as I just didn't feel that things coordinated very well.  Now remember this is only through my eyes... everyone views these things differently.  Studio Calico has been putting kits out there for a long time and folks seem to like them pretty well.  I'm just saying I'm not sure they're a good fit for me. 

More on kits to come!!!!

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