Thursday, January 28, 2016

More Auction Goodies!

It occurred to me that I never did post about the finds we brought home from the last auction.  We thought we missed last week's auction all together because of the snow.  I really didn't want to go out in the snow -- seemed silly to chance it for a cake stand that I'd been eyeing.  But the husband wanted to go so out we trudged and promptly got stuck in our own drive-way (to which I was secretly breathing a sigh of relief). 

Anyway the items below are actually from week before last.  And we had quite the little haul!  Spent a bit more than our mere $16 the first time out.  But the McCoy cookie jar was $30 all by herself and I just love her! 

The little Big Boy is actually a coin bank and while we are quite sure it has no real collectible's value to us is good enough.  That's the charm of memorabilia.  It can have a collectible value in dollars and cents, but there is no limit on the personal value! 

Also scored a couple more of my pretty blue tinted canning jars, a pink depression glass candy dish (for a whopping $3), a small silver creamer with two tiny spoons and a carved wood pull toy (that cute little goose-y guy). 

Isn't Big Boy going to look awesome displayed with the old soda bottles we found when we dug up the backyard? 

And I know, the cookie jar is collectible because it's black memorabilia and because it's labeled McCoy...but regardless of that, I just love her, just cuz. 

And that's the best thing about collecting, and auctions, and flea markets....  yeah, yeah, there can be a real $ value attributed to items, but most of the time for me it's more about the value to me, personally. 

Whether it's furniture, or pottery, or glassware... it has to speak to me.  It has to spark something in me, make me smile.  There is the real value.  Oh and guess what?  We didn't miss last week's auction at all!  It was cancelled and the same items were held over for this Saturday's auction!  Ya-hoo!  Keep your fingers crossed, I really want that cake stand!! 

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