Sunday, January 24, 2016

About Chalk Paint (learning as I go)

Just going to post my thoughts as I learn more about chalk paints (and distressing).  After seeing the results on loads of pinterest photos and after feeling and seeing the results of its application on several pieces up close and personal, I am utterly in love with this paint.  It has a soft matte finish which I just adore. 

My first endeavor with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are/were these shelf supports.  I am learning as I go so I tried several different techniques for distressing till I fell upon the one that suits me the best. 

At first I tried the application of Vaseline in the spots where I thought distressing should occur.  This does work, although I found it a bit messy and not as controlled as I would have liked.  (Yes, ever the control freak...) Plus, sanding through the Vaseline just gobbled up the sandpaper.  

Then I went with a soft sanding after the applying the wax and buffing using a fine, fine grit.  Took lots of sanding and was a bit hard on this gal's RA ridden fingers.  It worked with much more control though.  

Finally tried sanding before I waxed, and found this to be the easiest and still allowed the control I tend to crave.  

Of course at this point, the husband is asking, "Why am I putting stain and paint on, just to remove it?"  Which might be a good question, unless of course you are living under a decorating rock and have never heard of or seen the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  I mean, duh, we just gotta have some distressed farmhouse-y feelin' shelves (and end tables, and kitchen table and chairs, oh, yeah and maybe a buffet-turned media table....)   

OK, I digress.  Back to distressing 101.  Truth be told, when I line all the shelf supports up together, it's hard to tell which one received what treatment, so how one goes about distressing is going to be purely a personal choice.  Like most things, there is no one perfect way to get that lovely, worn, distressed look, there is only what works the best for you. 

And now I have some shelves (from the dismantled shed in the back)  to color wash, stain, and wax....   husband is shaking his head again, asking if I am sure I want this much rustic.  Uh, yeah. 

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