Saturday, May 2, 2015

Grapes of Wrath - 2015 Version

 I want to go home, but there is no home to go to.  All we can do is press forward. 

This is what I feel like... 

The country we have traveled through is beautiful, but enjoying it has been difficult.  Blown engine in our truck, the purchase of a used truck that we can now see has major issues.  I am right now in a motel room in Gallup New Mexico, while husband is at a Ford dealership service center.... 
There's been no time for blogging of witty travel anecdotes or speed scrapping of travel pages occurring.  I've felt fortunate at best, to get safely down the road to the next motel room.  My nagging fear is that every extra bit of money we are spending on truck repairs and extra motel night stays is coming out of our house budget.  Are all of these troubles and tribulations messages that we should not have made this transition?  Who knows.  And this is where we are currently, so this is what we deal with.    
All we can do is continue forward. 


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