Saturday, October 25, 2014

Two posts in one day?!  And the occasion?  Just cuz I did this layout one evening this past week and I just love it and had to post it.   (Usually I do up several layouts and then photograph 5 or 6 of them at one time...trying to have a backlog of layouts ready to post for when I don't have access to scrapping materials.)  But, I love this one so much...could. not. wait.  

Now I don't know if it's the layout I love so much, or if it's the photo... Jacob absolutely hates this series of photos.  Had them done with one of the photographers that brings a slew of old timey clothes and props and then prints them in sepia, and sometimes uses some hand coloring to tint sections of the photos.  He just hates these pictures.  But, sorry, kiddo, Nana loves them and they're gettin' scrapped! 

I was watching a video the other day and watched this gal take scraps of paper and a pile of embellishment ephemera and put a few together, then she stapled the packet.  She did several of these packets and then just slid them in and around her photo and plunked the whole thing down on a 12x12 paper, titled it and boom, was done.  Now my take on this did not go quite as quickly, since I am old school and always start with the photo and slide things in and under till I am happy, then I try and take great care to not alter the stacks while I glue everything into place.  But I have to say, even though I did not do this as quickly as I saw it done in the video, it did come together pretty darn fast (for me anyway). 

I used a couple of ephemera packs from Crate Paper (Maggie Holmes Party Day and DIY I think), an embellishment pack from Amy Tangerine (the stitched heart, "favorite," and the layered "best" sticker), and a piece from Crate Paper Close Knit stitched embellishments.  I also added some paint splatters, a wood veneer piece, and a few of my homemade enamel dots.   

Something I've noticed is that I am doing a lot of white cardstock backgrounds.  I like, never, I mean n.e.v.e.r. used plain white backgrounds a few years ago.  Everything was patterned paper and I would use a colored piece of cardstock as a base.  But I am really liking the white backgrounds more and more (still loving my pattern paper---just using it differently now). 

So today, I find myself in need of more white cardstock... oh darn that means a trip to Hobby Lobby I guess... gee that's a real shame... not. 

Now I am off and running... 

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