Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hello Saturday!  Hello Weekend! 

Hello paper and photos! 

Today I am posting a layout and blabbering about cutting up pretty paper.  I know, we cut up our pretty paper all the time, but I mean really slicing and dicing it up. 

I cut out the teeny little triangles, cut out the chevrons, cut slivers of the heart paper, cut slices off a 6x6 piece, cut the branding strips, and even cut the banner sticker.   Just basically chopped and sliced and cut up everything I used.  And then, reassembled it.  Stacked the chevrons, using just the colors I wanted.  Stacked the branding strip pieces up in a slightly crooked fashion.  Sprinkled on the tiny triangles.  Slid the cut pieces of the 6x6 piece under the matted photo and one piece up under the stacked branding strips.  And then arranged what was left at the top and bottom of the page.  Oh, yeah, I also decided to highlight the use of the little triangles by saving one to use as a template to outline a few times.   (I am telling you now that outlining a teeny tiny triangle is not as easy as I had anticipated...) 

Once all the slivers, slices, cut up triangles and chevrons (some of the chevrons are on pop dots) were in place, I added the striped banner (cut into two pieces of course) and just a couple of stickers--the #2 circle sticker, the yellow ampersand and the chipboard heart at the top of the page and the little tabs clustered at the top of the photo.  Alpha is an ancient Thickers set, the old vinyl ones in this bright school bus yellow that I just loved. 

All this slicing and dicing---and the occasion?  Just a trip to Costco! 


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