Saturday, August 30, 2014

This morning I was standing in my kitchen crying like I'd lost my best friend.  We are moving our boy, Jacob into his college dorm today.  Nana and Boppa are really along for the use of the truck (an excuse to see our boy in his new dorm digs).   I was up early to bake his favorite chocolate chip cookies and was having so many conflicted feelings; so proud of the young man he has become, but at the same time really just wanting him to still be that little boy whose eyes lit up when he'd run into my house.

But there you go, they grow up, as they should.  (I am taking deep breathes now to get over the crying thing, so as not to embarrass him this morning...) 

This page was done for his graduation albums.  I have larger school photos, but those will be in my albums... I wanted not to use up so many pages for each of his school pictures, so I used the wallet size to be able to combine the high school years on one page. 

Used two papers from an old Basic Grey line (I think it was called Recess) and some pieces of Echo Park (A Boy's Life). Also used some black and white text printed gaffer's tape from 7 Gypsies, stickers from a high school pack I had picked up years ago, black diagonal striped washi tape, and a decorative square paper clip.  I placed the photos in a four square pattern (was a little concerned about the senior photo, since it is finished differently than the others, but at least I didn't cut off the top of his head placing the "senior" sticker on there!). 

I do hope he looks back on his high school years with fond memories and I hope he makes new memories at college.  (Just still kinda wish he was running in my door with that big goofy smile, yelling "Nana, I'm here to see you!")

All for today.

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