Friday, August 8, 2014

My creative space Part 2. 

Since we are downsizing, I have been brutal about purging...  and I took these pictures as much for me to document my little room for myself as to blog about it.  So here we go... 

This is my desk, which is really just a hollow core door on top of two stacks of Crop-In-Style cubes. 

Under the desk  is a plain brown grocery bag inside a white plastic trash bag--I'm a simple person---it works.  On the other side on the floor sits my spray box and some page kits from Cropper Hopper that are loaded and ready to scrap.  Next to the desk on the floor is my rolling tote, also pretty much all packed and ready to go.   

 The white three-tiered dish holds a lot of little left-overs, my one and only date roller stamp, odd things.  The clear glass bowl (came from Goodwill for $1.49) and holds some of the smaller stamps that have been used recently on layouts, a couple of gift tags, some paper clips, sometimes a stray ink pad.  The white milk glass bowl holds some buttons, a couple of clothes pins, some odd punched pieces or die cuts that didn't make it onto a layout, some wood veneer pieces; mostly these dishes help me keep the desk top clear while I am working, as I just put the leftovers in them or toss the stamps in them, until I am at a point where I start putting them away...they are never all the way empty though. 

I used to use a lot of plastic bead containers, and boxes and had them in drawers... and never went and pulled them out to use the items they held.  I like having things out and within reach, but I am also just enough of a neat freak that I like things contained. 

On the left side of my desk is my Cricut (yep, still just got the original machine---when it kicks the bucket, I will probably look at a Cameo, but the old Cricut is still working for me for now). 

The drawers under my desk (or supporting my desk--whatever) have from top right down, ink pads and reinkers, ink applicators -- these take up two drawers, the third drawer has my watercolors, mists, water bottle, chalks, baby wipes, stamp cleaner.  The bottom drawer has punches in it. 

On the left side, the top drawer is for pages in progress, and photos I am currently working with.  Second drawer has extra sticky pads for the Cricut, my Gypsy, a Cricut tool kit and cords.  Third drawer down is chipboard alphas (not Thickers---these are all in my rolling tote until I find the right sized container for them).  The bottom drawer is punches again. 

On the wall to my left are a couple of wall shelves and several more Crop-In-Style cubes. 

On the shelves, I keep my Cricut cartridges--don't have a lot, never cared for a lot of the cutesy-patootsie stuff they came out with.  Just liked some of the basic fonts and some of the flourishes (although I did  pop for a Joys of the Season cartridge for Christmas stuff--do still love that one).  Then my washi tapes are in a wire egg basket, bakers twine in the aluminum pan, and Stickles in the milk glass bowl.  I got all of these containers from Goodwill over several visits.  Just had to keep looking--nothing cost over $2. 

Right above this on the top shelf  is another milk glass dish with my Tombow markers, a divided kind of container that hold binder clips, paper clips, and other office-y sundries, and a candy dish with buttons in it.  Next to this are several rectangular tin boxes with watch maker's round tins inside--those hold brads, lots of brads...

Then we have several jars with cut ribbon pieces in them, the first two wire baskets hold flowers and the third holds small dies for my Big Shot. Next to that basket is a stack of long dies and then directly above are the rest of my Big Shot dies and my old tick tock alarm clock.  Middle of the top shelf are several empty frames and a photo framed of my three grandchildren. 

The cubes and drawers below hold card blanks and envelopes, file drawer holds stencils, keepsakes like newspaper articles, and the original typed articles that I had published, greeting cards from my family to me... stuff like that.  The closest set of drawers to my desk holds embellishments, refills for my tape runner(s), craft blades, staples for the Tiny Attacher, a label maker and Dymo tapes.   One drawer is designated just for Tim Holtz Idealogy stuff (one day I will make 12 tags of Christmas--I know he isn't doing that anymore--I don't care.  I still want to make some of the old ones-- one day), some jewelry making stuff (that's another one day I will make a "junque" bracelet kind of thing), an open cube on this side holds Cropper Hopper paper storage things and that's for cardstock.  The spinning thing holds clear stamps and some embellishment packs that didn't fit in the drawer. 

Whew... almost done. 

The closet-- it holds stamps, finished pages ready to put into albums, photo boxes, a couple of totes and magazines I want to hold onto, some specialty paints and glazes that don't get used too often. 

And last my paper rack... I do love my paper rack.  Love having things out to see, yet orderly (I must have a weird right vs. left brain thing going on).  Before I started this purging of supplies, this thing was full top to bottom.  Not so much now.  But you know what, I'm still scrapping!  And I can find things! 

So that's my room.  And yeah, I think I will scrap some of these photos. 


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