Thursday, August 7, 2014

My creative space, Part 1.   

It is my happy place.  My escape.  It is the place where I can put away the other cares of the world and concentrate on those things in my world which are good and satisfying and fulfilling.  I mentioned a few days ago that I would post some pictures of the room,  so let's go on a little tour. 

This is what you see just as you enter the room. 

On the right side is a bank of white Crop-in-Style Cubes, two high.

Hanging above  the cubes is a framed bulletin board--a mood board of sorts.  Really it's just got stuff on it I like.  I used a thrift store frame and white washed it and just duct taped a cheapo bulletin board to the opening.  Covered the bulletin board with several sheets of scrapbook paper and smeared some gesso across here and there.  A Making Memories organizer sits over here instead of on my desk, because it contains things I do not use each and every time I scrap, like my gelatos, watercolor brushes, Teflon sheet, the few copic markers I have, etc.  Stuff I want out, so I will use them...just doesn't need to be right smack dab in front of me.  Then there is wire card display with some favorite cards (I try to make multiples,  just in case I need a card in a hurry).  The glass dish has thumbtacks and stick pins in it.  A little TV/VCR unit sits at one end (I like to play old movies sometimes when I scrap).  The little silver dish by the TV has a couple of old (antique-y) pens and nibs, an old ruler, again just stuff I like.  On the curved shelf unit sits a bunch of mini books from swaps and a couple of mini albums from classes I taught, and even an altered book or two. The three drawer units and the file drawers have actually all been cleaned out and sit empty right now waiting for a new home.  In one open cube is an old office In (or Out?) basket with rolls of ribbon in it.  Next to that are my sets of watercolor pencils, colored pencils and pastels.  And in the other two open cubes (below where you can't see in this shot) are albums and a wicker basket to hold my oldie-moldie movies. 

Next view is straight ahead as you are coming into the room. 

One of the two little shelves hold class samples from when I taught at the public art museum, some published project pieces, and a few tags I was gifted with from some artists I was fortunate to know through doing sample work for Stampington & Co.   The other shelf holds a bunch of what we used to call 4x4 books--I had participated in a bunch of those collaborative projects in years past. 

Next to the display shelves is a frame displaying my current favorite scrapbook page. 

I painted a thrift store frame white and distressed it a bit. Then there is a tack stuck in the middle of the frame, in the back.   Next, I took a cork tile, peeled the sticky backing off just enough to tuck the ends of a piece of cording in and then the cord hangs off the tack in the back of the frame.  The clothespins hold the page on top of the cork tile.  I saw a post over at the Crate Paper blog about decorating clothespins--I'm not sure what they were doing with theirs...but I am definitely gonna give this a go for this display! 

There is a lotta, lotta white in my room.  White walls, white cubes, white shelves, white frames, white sheers.  I figure there is enough color and pattern going on in my supplies, project samples, keepsakes, pages and cards.  I did add a splash of color in the window topper.  Kind of like a scrapbook page, I wanted something to lead the eye back up.  More on that later.     

This brings us to the end of Part 1.  Next up will be my desk and the storage units where I actually do keep stuff, fancy that! 


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