Thursday, July 31, 2014

I must admit, I am kind of sick of digging through the scrap bin.  For the past month I've been yakking on and on about using scrap pieces  

Here's what's left in the scrap pile. 

There were two such scrap bins, when I started and this is what I am down to.  However,  I am really itching to play with some newer (well, newer to me anyway) papers. 

But being everlastingly obsessed with organizing and using up as much of my stash as possible caused me to sort though what was left.  Not sure, if anyone but me is interested in the organizing, page-kitting, sorting process (is this a sickness--cuz in a weird sort of way I truly enjoy doing this...)

Anyway I went from the "pile" to several smaller piles. 

card sized cuts
red, white and blue

cardstock cuts
aquas and greens
Christmas themed

little pile of pinks


and a garbage bag

And so it went, until all I had left was little coordinated piles, clipped together, ready to go .  The bin is now EMPTY!!!!!!  
And that was all I accomplished tonight. 

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