Friday, August 24, 2012

Purging, donating, throwing out, cleaning out.  Yep, on another mission I am!  I've decided that things must be simplified here at the old homefront. 

Four boxes of books (cleaned off the bookshelves in the living room) going to Goodwill.  This will make the shelves easier and quicker to dust--that's right, that's what I am after--easier, quicker...  The corner in the dining room that had been occupied with a bunch of stamping and scrapping stuff went to a rummage sale, what was left went to Goodwill.  Next will be the pantry closet.  Not to purge so much as to clean it out to make room for stocking up.  Easier, quicker to grab something out of the pantry than to make another pitstop at the store...  easier, quicker equals time.  Time for me to scrap... or sleep, whatever.

Believe it or not what actually started the cleaning and purging was my going through all the layouts that had been samples.  Feels good to have completed layouts and more importantly, completed layouts that I really like again. 

Now you wanna talk o-l-d?  The first page of this layout was done several years ago for Stampington Inspirations magazine (um, yeah--I said y-e-a-r-s ago).

The plaid paper is from Making Memories, but everything else is stamped and heat embossed in white.  Title, stars, everything was embossed and cut out to add to the page(s), even the edges of the red cardstock were heat embossed in white. 

And as old as the layout is--I still really like it. 

The 4th of July parade here in town is usually spectacular.  Jacob loved it then and now I can't wait till the grandbabies are old enough to love it too!   

P.S.  I took pictures of the boxes of books---there may be a layout there--about how cleaning out and purging can acutally happen BECAUSE of scrapping.  It's a sick, twisted world, isn't it? 

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