Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday favorites...

*  air conditioning (seriously O.M.G.) 
*  the friends I've made through teaching -- you guys rock!
*  Simon Says Stamp (Hero Arts and Tim Holtz stuff at this online shop!) 
*  my morning coffee
*  lightening bugs! 

About blogging...

I started this blog it seems like ages ago.  At first it seemed like a chore.  I couldn't quite figure out what to talk about and how to say something worthwhile.  It felt like something I felt I should do, but didn't think anything was blog worthy.  At first I made lots of references to the store I taught at and classes and things going on there.  But I found that as I began to blog like I was just talking to a friend sittin' across from me at the kitchen table, it came easier and easier.  Suddenly the amount of daily hits I received went up.  Blogging was no longer a chore, but something I really liked to do.   

Blogging allows me to make a quick note on little everyday things (that I may be able to use for future journaling segments--- a true plus, plus, plus), it IS talkin' to friends, I can share pages and cards that I could never have presented as a class (due to cost per student constraints). 

So how come it took me so long to figure this out? Huh? 

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