Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a couple of cards to share this morning... 

These are not what you would call stamping intensive!  HA!  Hardly.  The only thing that needs to be stamped is a greeting.  These cards are easily made from scraps!  And they are pretty easy on the tool budget too. 

This first card only requires an edge distresser as far as tools go.  Just distress, ink and layer.  Done and done! 

The flower on this card is made by die-cutting six small scalloped circles from coffeee filters!  Yeah, coffee filters!  You pile up all six flowers, staple them in the middle and starting with the top circle, scrunch them up one at a time, till you have this little fluffy pile that resembles a flower.  Love that! 



  1. Lovely cards! Love the coffee filter flowers :)

  2. Cheryl your cards are really sweet. I especially like the first one with the 4 trees in a row. I like how you distressed the paper around all of the edges.

  3. cute cards, I just put the green pattern on the tree card in my give-away pile - this almost makes me want to dig it out.