Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting it right

This is a layout I did quite a while ago, but I re-discovered it in my photo files and thought I would post it.  I am such the poster child for patterned paper!  Usually I use a plain cardstock base and build on that.  This layout surprised me because it is so heavy on the patterned paper and I still like it. 

I was thinking about this... even though I made this several years ago, I still love it!  You know sometimes we are more attracted to the most recent of our layouts. 

We are in love with the newest of the paper lines or particular tools, or our style has changed and developed.  I look at some of my oldest layouts and smile (or grimace) about how I started out years ago.  (Remember everyone's  fascination with edged scissors?  Yikes)
After scrapping for a couple of years, I began to develop my own style I guess and I can see a progression... which I guess is a part of the story too, huh?  

I just love it when things come together and you can go back and look at the pages, the memories come flooding back and you are still in love with the page! 

Now that's when you know you got it right, for you.  For them.  


  1. Those are nice layouts.
    I have a few really old ones that I still love as well.

  2. Love your layouts! Isn't it cool when you finally discover what is right for you and makes you satisfied with your work?

    Love your talent!

  3. definitely one of the best parts of this hobby...looking back with fondness at both the memory and the effort you put into preserving it!! :)

  4. You really have an eye for putting patterned papers together. I agree that this layout is really something special.