Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Considering myself lucky

I'mmmmmm baaaaaack.  Gosh it seems like a really long time since I blogged.  But after the grandma shower, things got a bit harried what with getting ready for the Craft Crawl that Legacy participates in and then there's the page designs for our upcoming Scrapathon, new class schedule, and LOTS of new products coming into the store.  All fun stuff, but all very time consuming.  Plus, I wanted to make sure I got thank-you cards done and out in the mail.  And they are!  (Done and out in the mail, that is!) 

And now the countdown begins.  The other night Boppa (that's grandpa in our house---and I am Nana--so named from our #1 grandson) and I spent some time putting together the pack and play.  h.mmmm  Not quite as simple as they were years ago.  My daughter stopped over to catch us in the act of struggling and arguing pn how to put the thing up.  Once we actually followed the directions, it went together much (?) easier.  Fancy that.  I'm so glad we could provide her with some entertainment. 

This is my baby who is having a baby.  Isn't she pretty?  We have one more month to go before meeting our newest family member.  Now I am getting anxious for her to arrive.  I know that my relationship with this child will not be like the one I enjoy with my grandson.  She and Jacob lived with us until he was a little over a year old.   And while I certainly do not think we should all be living together (we were bursting at the seams whith everyone living here years ago), there was something about having them here and seeing him each and everyday, witnessing so many of the firsts.  I consider myself very lucky to have had that time with them. 

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