Sunday, February 28, 2010

I thought...

I thought I was going back to work the other night.  I thought we were meeting to work on scrapathon pages.  I thought it was stupid that the band that was storing their instruments in our shared classroom had papered the window in the classroom door because their equipment was so expensive.  I thought it was stupid because the door is locked and the lights would be out and no one coming into the scrapbook store would care about the equipment anyway.  I thought it was a little weird that Colleen called me when I was on my way in to see if I wanted her to mix up a brandy slush for me.  (The last time we met to work on pages after hours, I brought in some slushie mix.)  When we headed into the classroom, I thought "uh oh, there are people in here."  And then I thought, I know these people! 

The thought that did not occur to me was that there was a group of people having a grandma shower, for me!  The ladies and girls at the store, some of my favorite and regular customers and students, friends all.  The food was yummy, the conversation was fun, and I am so very touched that I am not just the lady behind the counter or the teacher to these people.  That was really my best gift.  But there were gifts... lots and lots of pink gifts! 

And now there is a pretty pile of pink things on my dining room table that I will wash tomorrow and put away in the dresser drawers in the empty bedroom upstairs. 

Beyond the pile of pink fluffy things, there is a baby seat, a pack and play and one of those baby play gyms, as well as several books for bedtime story reading and lots of bath and health aids, as well as diapers and more diapers. I guess it's time for Nana to get organized and time for Boppa to drag the crib out from under the basement stairs and put it up in the spare bedroom as well.  I am looking forward to having a baby in the house again.


  1. A grandma shower? I've never heard of such a thing! HOW SWEET!!! You're a lucky lady! Looks like you got lots of goodies! Congratulations, grandma!

  2. Fabulous gifts! What a great surprise! Love all of the pink! What great friends!