Friday, February 19, 2010

Que Bella~

It was Bella Blvd. night at Legacy Scrapbooks tonight!  Stephanie (the owner, designer and one-woman mastermind) came to do a little meet and greet at the store this evening.  We made a fun page, ate some wonderful goodies (thanks Robin!---Petite Sweets!), and chatted a bit about "the business of scrapbooking" which is really fascinating to me.  I've said it before, I get a weird little thrill when I've picked out a line for the store and it sells really well.  I get all like, "yeah... I knew they'd like that stuff..."  So think what it must be like to DESIGN the line that gets bought by the store and goes over so well with customers.  Now that's got to be a rush!!! 

Anyway before I get all wordy, let me get these photos from tonight posted. 

Stephanie, and Colleen with the page we made and a sample of a complimentary page.  (Hey, that's our Linda in the background---Hi Linda!!) 

And here is Bea and ""T", Kay and Kathy! 

Below is the other side of the class, hard at work!! 

And here is the incomparable Rosemary, our volunteer extraordinare and Lynn, design team dynamo! 

I have some more photos to post... but I must go stir my brandy slush right now and bake the crust for Chocolate Pudding Torte...  then I'll be back!!! 

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  1. Great class!
    Thanks for posting.
    How was the Pudding Torte?