Friday, February 19, 2010

More Bella and Comments! Woo-hoo!

Before I get to the Bella....  woo-hoo I have comments!  Of course and here is the real "DUH"   I've had the comments turned on, but didn't realize I actually had anyone commenting for ummmmm ... days and days. OK, so I am never going to be geek squad material.  Just sayin'. 

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who left such wonderful messages. 

And now, cuz I know it's the samples that are the real thing we are always wanting to see on the blogs...  here are a few of the awesome samples Stephanie brought with her.  Most of these I think you can also see at the Bella Blvd. blog (it's listed over there at the right in my places to visit list).  

You know there are great photos of layouts in the scrapbooking magazines and there are great shots of layouts all over the blogs, but there is nothing like seeing samples up close and personal.  There is no way to capture the depth, the textures, it's just so different to see the pages in person. 

I'll leave the photos of my own layouts for another day--maybe try and actually put photos on them... now there's a thought. 

Nighty night

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