Thursday, January 14, 2010

Power Pages

Power Pages!  This class was fun to teach and all the ladies had a great time.  They successfully created eight different page layouts in one afternoon, had a nice little lunch, yummy cupcakes from Delicately Delicious.  What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  We all had such a good time, we are going to schedule another class like this later in the spring. 

I took some individual pictures of each of the pages to post, but the flash was on and the photos were not good. The one photo I quick snapped of all of the pages spread out on the floor worked out the best.  I'll take my camera back in to the store with me tomorrow and take the shots again; this time without the flash.

 I am so-o-o not a mechanical person.  Gadgets and me -- not a good mix.  And this includes cameras.  But I'm working on it. Which brings me to my next post.  2010 goals. 

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