Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Early Valentine

I got an early Valentine.  One of our customers brought me this Valentine!  It's a heart-shaped glass ornament covered with swirls of red and pink and gold Stickles. 

This gentleman makes ornaments and other goodies for a craft show that is held in town every year several weeks before Christmas.  Quite a big deal in's a pretty artsy affair.  Anyway, way back this past summer I noticed this customer checking out with handfuls of Stickles week after week after week.  He was always very quiet and seemed shy when I would try and engage him in conversation at the checkout.  But finally I just asked him, "What are you doing with all this glitter glue?"  And he said he was making a few ornaments for the craft show.  The weekend of the show I ran over and wanted to make sure I stopped to see his booth.  He had such sparkly pretty ornaments, I bought three of them (one for the boss lady and two for my daighter).  Anyway, imagine my surprise when he came in this week and very softly said "I brought this in for you".  I know my photo does not do this justice, I wish you could see it in person. It is just so pretty. 

Thank you Dennis!  You made my day! 

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