Friday, March 3, 2017

All About the Boys!! --- Lemonade Cafe

OK,OK... so this isn't strictly "boys" hanging out in this layout...  But the thing is, it could be and for me, this page is about the one boy in the photo!  My dear grandson, the little cafe operator!  No, no lemonade stand for this boy, it was a "Lemonade Cafe"!   

The thing with this page is/was, I know somewhere, I have a piece of paper that is printed with lemons!  Could I find it?  Uh, no, of course not!   So rather than leave this picture sitting about on my little work space, waiting for me to locate said paper, I chose to layer yellow and gold prints behind the photo, as well as some bold, black and white.   

The next thing was to pick out the papers for the base.  Now, I knew I wanted to use this yellow glitter Thickers alpha set, so I kind of wanted to stay away from more gold and yellow paper(s).  And I knew I didn't want to watercolor, because my reds either turn out too pink or tends to look like there was an axe murderer in my house!!!  Found the red grid paper and decided to cut it at an angle, then use the red base over a white card stock panel. 

To tie the two pieces together and create a "seam" of sorts, I used a length of golden yellow washi tape.  Once that was done, a determination on which side of the page the photo was going to go had to be made and then I could begin choosing some embellishments to tuck under and about the photo.  Also added just a little bit of gold ink to the  wood veneer banner so the heart stood out more predominantly.  

After adding a few yellow, gold and red stickers;  and a couple, three more wood veneer pieces, I was afraid if I went any further, it would just be too busy. 

A few leftover strips of black and white print were placed at the top and bottom edges of the page, as well as tucked along the yellow washi tape "seam" border.  Rather than add any ink splatters, I chose to add a few yellow enamel dots (cuz I can control the placement of those!).  Finally all that was left was to put my title in place at the top right corner, and the year at the bottom right (kind of just for balance). 

Tip #1 for boy pages:  choose stickers and embellishments like chunkier banners, circles, leaves, pennant shapes, arrows or stars.  And when it comes to papers -- Tip #2:  Choose one bold pattern to repeat in smallish doses throughout the page (in this case the black and white print). 

I actually am pretty happy with how this page turned out, lemon paper or not!  LOL! 


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