Sunday, May 1, 2016

This Just Rocks!

Every once in a while you just gotta play a little game of "what do you see?"  I always loved the "I spy with my little eye" game...this is just a touch different.  You're looking at something not for what it is, but what could it be. 

Just a pile of rocks.  Husband dug these up from around the base of the electric pole and around where there was a makeshift wishing well thing that was falling apart.  So what we've got is rocks...and more rocks.  And this is what we did with them. 

So much nicer than buying a ready-made cement piece to direct water from the downspout or adding that extra angled piece of downspout that annoyingly gets in the way of mowing or comes undone and continuously needs to be re-joined to the downspout.  Good thing we have plenty of rocks, we've got several more downspouts to add them to!

The other nice thing about this is that we are making use of what is already here.  I love that.  It cleans up the yard, adds some interest and I didn't spend a nickel!  That just makes my day. 

Only three more downspouts to go...

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