Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hope SPRINGS Eternal

Sometimes I feel it here.  That feeling of possibility, of refreshed and new beginnings.  Sometimes. 

But honestly, more often I feel disgusted by the endless dirt and dust created by renovating and regrading the backyard to prevent water coming in under the house, and my impatience to actually move the rest of our things INTO the house has reached an all time high.  After several months in California in limbo and six months here in Kentucky righting all the structural wrongs done to this house in the past, I need to surround myself with comfortable and familiar things.  My things.  I need to try and make this place feel like home.  This is a small house, but even so, there is still not one entirely finished room. 

And. I. Have. Had. It. 

I keep looking at these tulips...  and am trying to view this struggle as though we are like the tulips, working through the dirt, then bursting forth into the light, finally feeling the comfort and warmth of the sun. 

OK, really Cheryl, you are about to lose it all together, aren't you? 

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