Friday, February 13, 2015

Title Town - (No Not Green Bay, WI)

OK so all that would come to mind when I thought about labeling this post was title town... so sorry if you were expecting a post about football.... cuz that ain't happening here. 

Nope this is more about the placement of the title on the page. 

You see, I do love this page...except for one thing.  That one thing?  It's where I have placed the title.  Now that the page has been photographed and I see it on the computer screen, that title is just silently screaming at me that it belonged closer to the photo.  (I said before, this blog thing has helped me so much to be able to see things I might otherwise miss.) 

There is NO right or wrong way to title a page.  There is what you like and what you don't.  There is what is pleasing to your eye and what isn't.  For me, I am learning that I really like titles tucked into the photo, nice and tight.  Not floating off by itself in la-la land.  It feels disconnected to me.  (I guess it would be easy enough to have pull the title stickers up and replace them where I want them---except that this page is part of Jacob's grad album---I don't have it anymore.  I had just quickly selected some pages, photographed them for blogging purposes before I gifted the albums to him.) 

I had held this and a couple of other pages back from blogging because there were things that bothered me about the page (that became apparent when I saw them on the computer screen).  Then I thought, well let's just talk about what bothers me and why. 

So there you have it.  I'm sure there are exceptions to my title placement preference(s), and I'll go with it when it comes up (or when I notice that has happened).  But it is kind of nice to pinpoint what it is that makes me not as happy with a page.  I've often had these conversations with other scrapping friends (either they or me) saying, "I like this page, but there just something that bothers me and I'm not sure what..."  

On the page itself... background paper is an old Basic Grey (I loved the distressed solid colors for backgrounds), the layers are Maggie Holmes (from that $5 pack purchased at Michaels like 7-8 months ago.  It was a holiday week of some sort and this was one of their super saver daily deal things).  Title alphas are an older Cloud 9 (remember them?).  Stickers are from My Mind's Eye and Jillibean Soup. 

And the title itself came to me because of a commercial that was running on tv when I did the page. And our boy does have a signature look...  love him and that sly little sideways look. 


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