Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Favorite Layouts

A fellow scrapping buddy and I were talking about favorite layouts and what made them our favorites.  Now lots of time, the most recent layout I have finished is my current favorite.  But when looking through albums (or when I page way back in my blog), I found I have favorites that are not current at all...not current materials...or styles...or even current photos.  Happily, most of the time, it's the photos and the memories they evoke.  But if I look at the page as a whole, I'm surprised at some of my favorites. 

So here are some of my all time favorite pages...and a little bit about why. 

Favorite Layout #1 - a two pager

I love the colors and the little accents of aqua gemstones (reminds me of water droplets).  It feels like a bright, hot summer day at the pool when I look at these pages and I love that they make me feel like this.  I love the mix of patterns, and the dash of clean white here and there and that even with the inclusion of 5 photos, I I can still see the paper patterns.   

Favorite Layout #2

What makes this one a fave?  That look on my boy's face!  Now about the layout... the paper layers, sitting on the stacked strips and a title tucked in, nice and tight (also that little bunny-- that silly little bunny).  

and one more for today

Favorite #3 -- another two pager

Always love red, white and blue... what else makes this a favorite?  The buttons and stars and the layers of border pieces with that piece of pleated fabric, and I am still loving that title in various fonts, but word and color coordinated.  The linear photo placement appeals to me...much as I like pattern and color, I crave order (split personality, perhaps?). 

I used to do almost all two page layouts; I do them now sometimes, but I no longer feel as though I absolutely must have two pages together in an album.    I am a work in progress and so are my pages, my style evolves and changes. But, there are things that I can see that I gravitate toward; linear placement of photos and border strips, color speaks strongly to me, scattering small embellishments to lead the eye, leaving some clean or open spaces to let the eye rest. 

to be continued...

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