Friday, November 2, 2012

It's been a real mish mash of activity at my house the past week or so.  My car decided to make some unusual noises (of course this occurred the very day I went out to sign all the papers and take that 2nd job).  I parked her and had to scramble for rides for a couple of days till I could get her into the shop.  And husband had his 2nd knee replacement surgery yesterday.  In between car repair (which wasn't  anything overly unusual---just a couple of different things) there were some other appointments that had to be squeezed in between that and yesterday's surgery.  Whew.  I hope life settles down now and I can get into some kind of schedule so I can work in some scrap time.  I really have wanted to sneak up there and do some work, but I've been completely wiped out. 

In light of the tragedies on the east coast, my issues are nominal.  I am trying to keep that in mind as I work through the demands being placed on my time.  My issues are nothing compared to the lost lives and homes out there. 

I did take my Christmas card workings with me to the hospital yesterday morning.  I had precut and done my stamping and embossing and went into assembly mode while sitting in the waiting room.  Got about half of them done.  That feels good. 

OK, long lead in to actually posting a page here.    It's a two-pager that I dug about in my files to find something that was not previously posted.  There for the longest time it seemed like every photo I took of Miss Isabella, she had a runny nose!  See that little glimmer to the left of her nose? Hence the "Snotty Girl" title! 

I used some older Sassafrass Lass paper, cut the border off and placed it along the bottom of the layout and layered it on some peachy orange cardstock.  A strip of yellow checked paper (leftover pieces pulled from my scrap pile), a punched border strip from a pale yellow scrap, a punched orange strip and a piece of striped yellow ribbon all got layered up together with the cut off border from the Sassafrass Lass print to go across the bottom of the page(s).   I do love me a stack of layered and punched borders! 

I had a couple of packages of dimensional daisy stickers and interspersed a few plain white flowers that I added buttons or gemstones to the centers.   Photo on the first page got a tiny strip of orange cardstock tucked in on one side and a punched piece of white, plus a punched piece of yellow down the other side.  Photos on the second page got just the white punched border piece. 

Journaling was added straight across the bottom, which was about of course the runny nose factor!  The title alphas were originally a limey green (old Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas).  There is a bit of the limey green in the patterned paper, but it looked a but disconnected that way.  So I painted the letters using Tim Holtz Picket Fence Distress paint.  That's it for now! 

I have to go get ready for a full day at job #2, then to the hospital to visit husband, then collapsing on the couch.  I work Sat and Sun morning(s), so am kind of hoping to get some scrap time in there.  And Monday I have off from both jobs--to get husband home from the hospital.  Not really a day off, but we'll see how it goes, maybe he will nap a bunch and I can scrap! 


  1. this layout is adorable-- i just hate when the little ones are all snotty!

  2. Love the flowers you added. Such an adorable little girl!!

  3. Bless your heart! I know what its like to want to scrap, but have so much going on! I hope you get the chance to get crafty soon!

    Your LO is too cute! I love the layering on the bottom, and great way to transform your letters! TFS!

  4. Those pigtails are just too, too cute! I think we've gone through the runny-nose stage with each of our three, too.

  5. Cute title and love this two pager! Great sprinkling of flowers!