Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh my goodness, it's Friday all ready!  Allergies have kept me kind of on the down low this week.  The bleary-teary eyes make working at scrapping and stuff a bit, um challenging, I guess would be the word.  And then come the gi-huge-y sneezes.  Now that's attractive, sneezing all across papers and photos.  Eeee-yuk.  So, not a lot accomplished the last couple of days. 

Just a little on the sidelights of life here...  I do have a job interview this morning, so I'll try to be brief.  You are reading notes from  58 year old here and no one it seems wants to hire anyone my age anymore in an administrative field.  No pity party, just fact--- you fill out on-line app after on-line app and no they can't ask your age in the app.  Companies get around that these days by having you fill out background check info when you do the app.  And there it is---your birthdate.  Now, I've gotten over the rather depressing thought that in the age group I and husband are in, and given the hit that 401K's took, that we will always have to work.  There will be no retirement or golden years for us.  And given that most places now want to hire part time as opposed to full time, I have to get a second part time job.  Them's the facts.  Now on the one hand, I am happy to even get the call-back for this job after more than a year of looking.  But on the other hand, it is a longer drive for just a part time job and not an easy ride in the dead of winter.  So I've also been a bit sidetracked the past couple of days with my own thoughts and concerns and what-ifs.  

Now to turn this back to scrapping----I am thinking that these topics are going to appear in scrapbook pages in the future.  Jobs, gas prices, living economically.  It's what life is today, so I am going to scrap it, as well as the other monumentous and historical events of my (our) lifetime. 

But on to a layout that I have in hand!  I had finished this first page last year, then turned up another photo of my grandson on the beach.  I knew there was going to be another page, so I had set aside the scraps from the first page. 

My journaling was about how happy I am that he has had the opportunity to explore the beach and see the Pacific Ocean.  I love the ocean, the sound of the waves, the smell of the air, just love it.  And I am so glad he was able to have this experience. 

I used a beachy-summery themed paper line from Fancy Pants.  It was from two summers ago, I think.  I used very little of the A side of the papers, I loved the organic feel of the distressed brown for a base.  And I cut the waves out of another sheet to use as accent pieces.  Didn't want a lot of foof on these pages, so I added only some penwork in white and just a little piece or two of a natural colored lace scrap.  A couple of punched borders using two different size scallops and a couple of skinny strips at the bottom of the pages added a horizantal base line for the photos, but that was it. 

So, today, maybe think about scrapping today, your real-time life.  There is much to be said for the birthdays, the milestones, the smiles; there is also much in our lives that I think future generations will want to hear about.  Where were you on 9/11?  What has the great recession changed in your life?  Are there local events in your community that are important to you?

That's all... I'm getting off my little soapbox now!  



  1. I really want to scrap some of those real life moments like you pointed out. The "where was I when ..." and how it impacted me.

  2. love the waves- so perfect for the photos!!

  3. Job hunting can be so discouraging, especially when you're "older". :) I hope the right position comes along for you! In the meantime, keep scrapping beautiful pages like these. I love the waves and your pen work!

  4. Beautiful layout. Good luck on your call back, I am sorry you are going through this...on the flip side, my daughter graduated from college in 2011 and she is still looking.

  5. Fantastic layout! I love that you included a lot of pictures. :-)

  6. Lovely layouts - good luck with your job search!