Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time for a bit of little girl goodness.  And a change up in scrapping styles.  While I am enjoying (a lot lately) this kind of free form scrapping; the tucking in of small scraps of paper with tags and stickers and bits and pieces of journing tags sticking out, these pages wound up being much simpler. 

And that's ok with me.  I tried loosely placing strips of paper behind the lead photo and try as I might they just kept getting straightened out and lined up.  They just looked better to me straight and then I tucked in the piece of brown and thought oh yeah--it needed a border.  So there you have it...  sometimes you just have to let the paper do what it wants to. 

It's a quick post today...  I guess the overriding message is that it's ok to change up the style of your scrapping.  Otherwise every page would look so similar, it wouldn't be as interesting to peruse those albums.  And just like the selection of color, or paper---maybe the style needs to be dictated by the photos (or, er, um... the papers, if you let them...). 

I used papers and flowers from Prima, cardstock from  Bazzill and pulled out my Cricut to cut the title and the swirls.  It's called "Get Happy" cuz when I look at our little Miss Izzie in these photos, that old song, "Come on, Get Happy" started playing in my head....  (y-e-a-h, I can see what you're thinking, she has issues---she let the paper go where she thinks it wants to and the photos sing to her--ok, maybe a little less caffeine is in order...) 

Have a scrappy good day everyone (and it's really ok if your photos sing to you)! 


  1. Very pretty colors!
    Those flowers are so pretty, too.
    And she is adorable :)

  2. Aww cute photos, love the double page design and the flowers :)

  3. Adorable two pager. She is a sweetie