Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments on yesterday's one-photo vs. multi posting... I think I should clarify though.  I've not personally taken any heat for one-photo vs. multi photo layouts.  It's just the comments I hear at the checkout or in our LSS as folks are browsing or at crops and sometimes at the various scrapping forums.  And I've always just thought it was silly... hence the post.  But thank you all for the comments and thank you for stopping by the blog---hope you find some inspiration, some humour, some crazy fun and that you continue to stop by! 


The Story of Ribbon is finally complete! 

The addition of the rippled pink ribbon curling here and there is as close to what I was envisioning as I am going to get. Didn't want to add too much though and overtake the photos.   Thought about using curling ribbon and tucking that in... but my fear was that as soon as the pages went into page protectors, the curling ribbon would, um, not be so curly looking. 

I also did not want to add a journaling block--so I wrote out the journaling across the bottom of the pages over the and around the last row of big ole' polka dots. 

The original page(s) used the dark pink paper that is at the very top now as the main background for the page(s).  It was just not sitting well with me.  After I switched that out for the softer pink and the big polka dots, only using the darker pink as an accent color; I am much happier with it.  Paper is all from Basic Grey's Sweet Threads collection.  (I so love Basic Grey.)  Ribbon is rippled by bunching it as it is applied to Super Tape.  Have no idea where the white crocheted trim came from (pulled that out of the back of a drawer), used a couple of EK border punches (also a big, big love of mine),  two different size circle punches, plus my favorite white Uniball Signa pen. 

It's probably not my favorite layout, but I just can't help but grin at the pictures of my grandbaby girl trying her best to straighten out that darn ribbon! 

Next, to work on, The Story of Cake...


  1. Super cute layout! The photos are precious. Love the rosettes and the fun papers. :)

  2. love your layout and those photos are way cute. Love your choice of papers also.


  3. Love the way the layout flows and all the colors! Such a great moment documented!!

  4. Awww your layout is so cute. Love the adding of the ribbon :)