Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On my desk...

Welcome to the disaster area! 

Currently working on: 

*  The Story of Cake
*  cards from scraps 
*  Formula Pages sketches

Started this layout on Monday (my one full day of pure paper pleasure).   Also lying about are the leftovers from the bath layout--the dad's card, and stuff for a Nike's layout (sans pictures since they have gone AWOL---just perhaps buried somewhere in the mess?) 

I tried a lot ( read A... L. O. T.) of different arrangements for the pics, but have finally settled (I think) on this across the pages arrangement so I can include the journaling (photo by photo) much as it appeared on the blog posting back in April.  (I do love that I can jot my thoughts down here and use them for journaling later.)

Next up I think will be Izzie and her first Nikes.  (If I can find where I left those photos--- drat I took them out of the page planner to show them to someone and can't find where I left them... drat, drat, drat!!)  If I can't find those photos tonight I'll just have to move on to some school shots of the handsome young grandson.   Just keeping my options open.


  1. Your layout is lovely - the symmetry works so well here :)

  2. Looks like it will be a super cute layout when finished! Love that your were able to get so many photos on the pages :)

    And I have been so grateful for my blog for journaling as well! I have come back to it so many times for the story. If I had not blogged about it, I probably would have forgotten the details! :)

  3. I love messy desks!!! the layout which you are working on looks fab already!

  4. this is really cute, may need to lift it as I need to do a page of my dgd enjoying her birthday cupcake also.