Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There before the grace of God... 

I cannot seem to tear myself away from the awful images of Joplin, Missourri that are on all of the news media channels.  I find myself being thankful for a basement of all things!  That we have basements here to take shelter in is of paramount importance in a tornado.  Our hearts and prayers should reach out to those in Tuscaloosa and Joplin.  Please check your local news stations for donation information or the Red Cross is always a good place to donate to as they are on-site in most all of these disaster areas. 

I have been out of the loop; besides working at Stamp and Scrap Expo this past Friday thru Sunday, I've had the creeping crud...  chills, fever, scratchy throat and the crud moved to my eye and left me with an eye infection....  After a trip to the walk-in, I am now armed with the smallest (and most expensive) bottle of eyedrops I have ever seen.  And after a day of trying to take it easy and using the drops, am happy to report I no longer look like Igor the one-eyed troll. 

Now on to something of a scrapbooking nature (finally, you say).  I am still fixated on comments I hear about mulitple photo layouts versus one photo layouts.   This is an older layout I turned up when going through a stack of class samples to organize those that need secondary pages.   

The cluster of photos on this layout could just as easily be replaced with one photo.  The message is---even if you are a die-hard multiple-photo-only scrapper...don't discount those one photo layouts for ideas.   Most of the time, that one photo could be replaced with two or three photos placed in a small tight grouping. 

Papers on this layout are from Basic Grey' s June Bug collection from several seasons ago.  Which lets you know how slow I am in going through my stack of class samples and matching up more photos and papers to complete those layouts and finally get them into albums!

Have a good day all!  (and don't forget to say a small prayer for those in need in Joplin and Tuscaloosa).


  1. My heart goes out to Joplin and AL too. Glad your eye is clearing up. Great layout, love the photos. I love that BG line - I still have some too!

  2. Love all the ric rac and layered flowers! I am a die hard multi photo gal, so love this! With three kids, I have not figured out how to capture an event in just one photo. Heck, I usually take 300! Oh well!

  3. Fun lo. very colorful. and my heart goes out to those in the toronado zone. i just can't image how terrifying it is. hope you feel better soon.