Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Never did get over coloring....

Argh.  It's a stormy Tuesday morning.  Thunder rumbling and a downpour expected.  Now I like a good thunderstorm... at night when I have nowhere to go and get drenched.  But it is a work day, so drenched I will more than likely be! 

Just wanted to post a quick pic of the Copics.  They look so pretty all lined up.  I think I may have to shop today and hopefully can spend some time tonight coloring.  I never did get over the coloring thing as a kid!  I've spent a lot of time making cards from scraps... but I may now get back to stamping and coloring a bit. 

Am still using up those scraps though.  Spent a couple of hours at my friend Sandy's yesterday and as soon as I take the photos, I'll post the results of yesterday's cards from scraps venture.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that display looks awesome. Can't wait to see what your creative mind came up with. Enjoy the stormy weather! Kristie W