Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Customer Appreciation

Last night was Customer Appreciation Night at the store.  Now that may sound a little lame, kind of hokey.  But the truth is that we truly do so deeply appreciate our good customers. 

There are a couple of message boards that I visit from time to time and I always take the side of the LSS (local scrapbook store).  There is so much weirdness out there, your should hear how some of the women talk.  Some berating their local store for some mistake or another, some proclaiming surprise and sadness when their local store closes, and then they are off talking about what a great deal they got at Walmart or something and I think, "what do you expect from us!?"  The truth is, you expect:  great service, the best prices we can afford to give you, great classes, samples, and products, and a happy environment in which to learn about new products, techniques and ideas.  This is what we aim for, this is where we set the bar.  This is what we think you deserve! 

I do see both sides to these stories on the message boards.  Some stores really do not understand marketing concepts or bother to figure out their customer base.  They probably just thought they liked to scrapbook, let's open a store. 

But at the same time, some customers do not always see the value in what we provide.  Some will come in only with a coupon and that's the only time we see them.  I kind of feel bad for these folks.  They miss out on so much.   Like... Customer Appreciation Night!   I hope everyone had a good time and liked their address book project.

And here are some of our favorite folks winning prizes, having some treats, (sorry I have no photos of you all working on your projects--um, since I was teaching the project...) 

See you all soon! 

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  1. Great time and fun.
    Good to see everybody!
    Be sure to check out the new punches!