Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Almost!

Been kind of out of it this last week... a nasty, ugly cold got me.  Hopefully now my voice comes back in time for the class I am teaching today, or I'll be teaching it by much waving of my hands and pointing...

Anyway, a very happy Valentine's Day Almost to everyone!

This is an old project. When I came across these in my photo files, I thought I'd share.  I had made  these collaged vintage optician's lenses for a swap a couple of years ago.  I am not sure what or where the items I received in the swap are---so that kind of tells you why I quit doing swaps. But I remembered these!  I had such a good time making them and just loved how they turned out--it was really hard to send them away! 

You build the tiny little collages under the lense and then seal it in by filling the back of the lenses with a clear drying dimensional epoxy like Crystal Lacquer or Judi Kins dimensional glaze, add a charm or two and you can put a pin backing on or make a necklace out of the whole thing. I have more lenses...  but the projects on my desk are still calling me.

Things I can check off my list:
  • card marathon cards and instructions
  • Feb. Formula Page
  • Copic marker order
  • baby shower invites
Still on my desk:
  • Formula Pages for Mar, April and May
  • Cards from Scraps Class (design sheets and samples)
  • new product samples
  • Nature Art (card samples)
  • Pages in Progress (too many)
  • Thank you cards (for my daughter)
  • Scrapathon Pages
Probably more than my rather cloudy head can think of at this moment--so I'll pretend this is all for now!  LOL--really, just humor me. 


  1. These are just fantastic!!! :)

  2. Wow - these are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can so totally appreciate them too, as I worked for both optometrists and ophthalmologists for years. Such a great idea for those vintage lenses!